The Pink Elephant of Church Splits

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Church Splits – How does the Church address the Pink Elephant?

Church splits seem to be so prevalent in our culture.  In fact I believe that there is hardly a Christian out there who hasn’t experienced one at some point in their lives.  I have even instructed my leadership to not be surprised if everyone who walks in the front door has been through a church split.  Why is this?

The plan of the Devil

I believe that the plan of the Devil is cause Christians to fight one another.  Why?  Because he knows that he cannot fight a church that is unified, so instead of even trying, he’d rather just cause us to fight against ourselves.  It’s scriptural, but he knows it, that a house divided against itself cannot stand.  What better way does he have to do that then to cause church splits?

God’s Plan

God has a better plan.  It is His desire that we learn how to truly love each other.  It is only when we learn how to love each other and call out the gold in each other that we can understand how to live in unity.  It is then that we give the enemy no room in our lives.

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