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What is your spirit feeding off of?

Every gardener knows that the soil a plant is rooted in will determine the health and growth of the plant.  If the ground is dry the plant will starve and be puny.  If the ground is well watered it will grow and be healthy.  It is the same for our faith.  What we feed on will determine the health of our spirit.  The Bible actually gives us an image of a tree.  It tells us that a healthy tree is rooted and grounded near streams.  In fact it paints the picture of a believer who is like a tree that is healthy, unmovable, unshakable and which produces fruit in season and is abundant in leaves.  In other words a tree that excels at being a tree.

What are we rooted in?

The key is the source where our roots are getting their water from.  The stream that we plant our roots into is the Holy Spirit and the living word of God which nourishes our soul and springs life into our being. Does that sound good to you? That’s the kind of Christians the Bible describes and I want to run with.

Scripture References:

Jeremiah 17:7-8 | Psalm 1:3 | Ephesians 4:17-19