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No Man Left Behind

How do you measure the strength of a church? The Answer might surprise you.

God Wants to do an Old Thing Through Community 2

What caused the first Christians to live with a radical commitment to each other and community? How do we experience the same thing today?

God Wants to do an Old Thing Through Community

Looking for the next church trend? What if God’s greatest ideas already exist? What if God wants to do an awesome yet old thing through Christian community?

Radically Loving the Unlikeable

How can you love your enemies? Find out how Radically Loving the Unlikable is at the core of the Gospel message and a must for followers of Christ.

Purpose, Plan and Identity

Does God have a plan for me and what is it? Find out how your purpose impacts the plans that God has for you in this inspiring message.

The Practice of Self Denial

Following Jesus requires that we deny ourselves. It’s seldom talked about but it is a key to going from just believing to actually following Jesus.